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2. Where are you living?
3. Are you a university student? Where? What are you studying? 
4. Are you working? What is your job?
5. Did you get married? Do you have children?
6. Are you in touch with other GLI graduates or your homestay family?

We still care about you – please contact us to say “hello” and tell us what you are doing these days. We would love to hear from you!

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We were delighted to see our former student Abdullah recently when he came in to visit. Abdullah is a sophomore at MN State Mankato where he's studying aviation management. Thanks for coming in, Abdullah. It was great to see you!


Great to see our former student, Pani, who stopped by to say hello recently. Pani is at Bethany studying IT, and he is loving everything about it! Great to see you again, Pani! 



Alumni of the Week

Every week, we feature one of our wonderful graduates, catching up on where they are and what they're doing, and sharing some memories of their time at GLI. Connect with GLI on social media to learn more about our terrific graduates. 

Alumnus of the Week April 17, 2017: 

Changueon Lee

South Korea

Changueon Lee comes from South Korea and is currently living in Seoul.

"I'm in my first year of grad school, majoring in Quantitative Marketing at Seoul National University. I studied at GLI from September 2012 to May 2013 for improving my English level and experiencing U.S. culture. What I like most about GLI was to write an essay about any topic I like and get help from great instructors. I sometimes had challenging times, but it all became an asset for my career."


"The decision I made to study at GLI was the best choice in my life. Whatever makes you hesitant, cut it off and leave it behind you. GLI will warmly welcome you!!"


Alumnus of the Week April 10, 2017: 

Antonio Pereira


Antonio comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and studied at GLI between 2008 and 2011.

"I still live in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I am going to Nursing school, and I am just finishing my pre-requisite at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. This Spring, I am graduating with my AA degree Associates of Art degree. I am working at a nursing home in Bloomington and I just love it! I work as a CNA, certified nursing assistant."


"What I remember most about GLI is the culture: that is, do your homework, speak English only and have fun learning. My advice is, never, never, never give up! It is hard but if you work hard, you will succeed. I hope that is helpful!"


Alumna of the Week April 3, 2017: 

Lisa Silva


Lisa Silva comes from Brazil, and now lives in Minneapolis where she is taking a break from studying after finishing her MBA in Engineering. Lisa studied at GLI from May to November 2016.

"The first thing I remember about GLI is Mary's smile and hugs. GLI is a second home for a student. This is a very good experience. If you want to learn English, GLI is an excellent choice. The teachers have a big patience and knowledge. And in the school, speak English only please!"



Alumna of the Week March 27, 2017: 

Seong Hee Park

South Korea

Seong hee studied at GLI in 2006-2007, and again in 2008. She lives now in Apple Valley, Minnesota, where she works as a Dental Tecnician. When she thinks about her time at GLI, she remembers her teachers most.


"I remember Matt's class. When I was in GLI first, Matt gave me some papers. I always took the paper with my two hands, and he said, Seong Hee has a very good attitude. I said, in my country, we have to do that because we should respect the teacher all the time. I respect him very much. He helped me a lot to speak English well. I never forget him. Thanks a lot. Second, David's class, he always makes students happy, laughing. And I love Manuela. She teaches me very strictly but I like that. Also, some days, she bowed to me in a Korean way, and I answered like that too."

Seong Hee's advice for anyone learning English is, "Speak English! Don't be shy!"


Alumnus of the Week March 20, 2017: 

Andres Perez


Andres Perez comes from Colombia, and now lives here in St. Paul. He studied at GLI from August 2012 to April 2013.

"I graduated from college last year (business management), and I'm currently working in sales. What I remember most about GLI is my friends and all of the lovely people!"


Andres' advice to anyone learning English is, "Practice what you learn, and follow the "English only" rule. It really helps. In life, you could accomplish anything as long as you set your mind to it."


Alumnus of the Week March 13, 2017: 

Mubarak Alsufayan

Saudi Arabia

Mubarak now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and studied at GLI from May 2015 to November 2016. 

"I am a graduate student at Georgia State University, studying Global Hospitality Management. I can't forget anything from my best experience ever at GLI. I remember that it is the best place to learn many things besides English as a second language. Many skills I learned from the faculty. However, the most interesting day at GLI was when we celebrated St. Patrick's Day. That was very awesome actually because I have never heard of it before, so I needed to read about it."


Mubarak's advice to anyone who wants to learn English is, "Stay away as much as you can from somebody who is from your country or who speaks your mother language! You need to use the opportunity of being at GLI smartly. Hence, you need to talk to new people either inside or outside GLI. Also, you should live with an American homestay family in order to practice even more when you finish your day at GLI. The most important advice to you is to focus with teachers, do your homework, sign your name for tutoring, and sign your name for activities. Then I promise you that your English will be perfect shortly, and you can pursue your dreams in the future!!"


Alumnus of the Week March 6, 2017: 

Rodrigo Quintaros, Brazil

Rodrigo Quintaros is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He studied at GLI for three months between February and April 2015.

"I now live in Vitoria, in the State of Espirito Santo, in the southeast of Brazil. Search Google - it's a beautiful city! I am a lawyer and I am studying for a Master's degree in Civil Procedure. What I remember about GLI is...the entire GLI team, they are excellent and I really miss everyone."

"My advice to curent GLI students is, pay attention to the classes, do not waste this precious time. Enjoy to make new friends, they will last forever! Enjoy the free time to meet the Twin Cities, you will surprise yourself, they are beautiful!"




Here are some GLI graduates who have recently visited us!

We were delighted to have a visit yesterday from Sultan Almisfer, a GLI graduate from 2012. Sultan has just graduated from the University of Wisconsin Superior, majoring in Criminal Justice. We know he's going to have a great future, and we wish him great success! Graduates, if you're ever in the area, please drop in. We love seeing our former students!

It was wonderful to see Riri Umezaki, a student from Seinan Gakuin University in Japan, who studied at GLI in 2013. She was on her way back to Japan and dropped by to say hello. We were very happy to see you again, Riri!


We were so happy to see two of our former students recently! Shiori is a student at Seinan Gakuin University in Japan, who studied at GLI last summer. John is an MBA student at Metro State University, who studied in our Intensive English Program. Shiori and John met in class last summer and became friends. It was wonderful to see you both! Thanks for visiting!


Faisal and Loka - GLI graduates from 2013 - stopped by to say hello. Both are now studying at the University of Wisconsin Stout, and both are doing very well! Faisal's major is Manufacturing Engineering, and Loka is studying Information Technology Management. Thanks for coming in to see us! 


Abdulelah, who graduated from GLI in June 2014, dropped by to say hello recently. He is currently studying at University of Wisconsin - Stout and doing very well! Great to see you Abdulelah! 

We were very happy to see Gloria Xinico Morales, who dropped by recently. After graduating from GLI, Gloria got her undergraduate degree from Augsburg, majoring in International Communications and Women's Studies with a minor in Political Science. She graduated in 2012, after which she did internships with the Saint Paul Police Department and Augsburg's Global Communications Office, and is now applying to grad school in Minnesota. Another wonderful GLI graduate, and we are very happy that Gloria's sister Fidelina is now following in her footsteps and studying at GLI! Good luck with grad school, Gloria, and thanks for stopping by!

Duke Lu has just graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in HR Management. After some Summer classes in NYU, he will be returning to China to take up a new and exciting position. We wish him the greatest success in his career!


A couple of former students dropped in to say hi last week. Rami is a Junior at Minnesota State University,Mankato, where he is an accounting major. Suilaman is also a junior at Mankato, and his major is engineering. Great to see you, guys!


Antonio Pereira is studying nursing at Normandale College.


ChiaChen "Jenny" Kuo, GLI student from 2005-6. Currently working in accounting in Taiwan. 


Nhi Phan is from Vietnam, and she graduated from GLI in 2008. She's a Senior at the College of St. Catherine here in St. Paul and she's interning at Ortner & Bofferding LLC with plans to attend Law School in the future.


Ei, a graduate from many years ago, stopped by to visit.


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