Alumna of the Week: Seong Hee

Seong Hee Park

South Korea

Seong hee studied at GLI in 2006-2007, and again in 2008. She lives now in Apple Valley, Minnesota, where she works as a Dental Tecnician. When she thinks about her time at GLI, she remembers her teachers most.


"I remember Matt's class. When I was in GLI first, Matt gave me some papers. I always took the paper with my two hands, and he said, Seong Hee has a very good attitude. I said, in my country, we have to do that because we should respect the teacher all the time. I respect him very much. He helped me a lot to speak English well. I never forget him. Thanks a lot. Second, David's class, he always makes students happy, laughing. And I love Manuela. She teaches me very strictly but I like that. Also, some days, she bowed to me in a Korean way, and I answered like that too."

Seong Hee's advice for anyone learning English is, "Speak English! Don't be shy!"

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